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It is a white-label mobile application / ODP (On Device Portal) that is designed specifically for malls. AirMall offers a more effective and efficient way for mall to have its own mobile app. AirMall is a multi platform mobile app (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, etc) that is build with the latest technologies.
  • Push info & promo
  • eCoupons
  • Smart Poster
  • Parking Finder
eCoupons: Redeem the coupon at customer support
eDirectory: Directory at your finger tips
Treasure hunt: Collecting stamps using NFC Technology
Parking Finder: Find parking spot using NFC Technology

It is a mobile application/ODP (On Device Portal) that is tailored made for banks. Unlike mobile banking where itís built for secure transaction, Info Bank application is designed more toward providing information. As mobile internet has become prevalence it is a better and quicker way to access information from mobile phone; therefore it certainly is a new platforms for corporations to serve their customer better. Hence, Info Bank isincorporating the latest mobile technology such as GPS, NFC (Near Field Communications), AR (AugmentedReality), etc.

Main Menu 1 : Near Me Main Menu 2 : Merchant Category Main Menu 3 : Other Information
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