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Mobile Field Force

What is Mobile Canvasser (mCanvasser):
Mobile Canvasser (mCanvasser) as its name suggests is a mobile app (client server) to make canvassing activity more efficient and effective. By using mobile phone to replace paper and pen your field force will not only get more jobs done in a day but also traceable and getting more accurate data.

mCanvasser can be built in any platforms (eg. BlackBerry, Android,etc) and using off-the-shelf devices; therefore it is easily available for easy replacement/service. mCanvasser software will be fully customized for your field force needs.
  • Mobile & location aware
    Enables admin to track the locations of the canvasser.
  • Check-in
    Making sure the assigned premises has been visited.
  • Job assignment
    Job assignment is clearly laid out in the app
  • Data query & Data entry
    Any changes and entry can be done instantly
  • Image capture with geo-tagging
    Allowing canvasser to take image with location tagging
  • Deferred upload (when no signal)
    Any delayed uploading will be proceeded when there is signal
  • Cross platform
    It can be customized in any platforms